Service News Issue 22/2019

Seamless replacement: a suitable successor model is always available

Proven products naturally have their advantages: they are fully matured, their properties are well known, and there is a certain routine when mounting, which makes installation and adjustment go quite easily. However, just as naturally, the progress of technology brings new products to the market at some point. HEIDENHAIN places special emphasis on the transition from the proven product to the innovative successor model being a smoothly flowing action and not an abrupt break. That is why new products are always developed also with the future in mind.

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The HEIDENHAIN Infobase: details and CAD data for every product

It happens time and again: you can find all of the printed mounting instructions for your HEIDENHAIN units except for exactly the one that you need. Or you require the CAD data of a HEIDENHAIN unit in order to design your machine. Then it's a good thing that the HEIDENHAIN Infobase is on the internet. For over fifty thousand products you can quickly and easily find here all the information you need for installation and initial operation.

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ESD protection for returned units: how to avoid damages

A unit is defective and you return it to the HEIDENHAIN Service department. So far, so good, but the time and effort associated with that is already annoying. But please put a little more effort into the correct packaging and shipping; also to ensure that units returned to us for repairs are given the ESD protection that they need while on the way. In this issue of the Service News we'd like to give you a few tips about the correct handling and packaging of electronic components and units. 

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Successful networking: how to set up your own network

The uniformly digital networked production of workpieces, from the design office all the way to the shipping department, helps companies to optimally take advantage of their potential. Sound complicated? HEIDENHAIN makes it real easy! The "Connected Machining and networked evaluation electronics: configuration and servicing" course teaches you how to install the necessary technology yourself, how to customize it, and how to care for it. 

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