Service-News Issue 20/2018

Testing and Inspection Units: Two Devices, Numerous Possibilities

HEIDENHAIN encoders provide all of the information needed for commissioning, monitoring, and diagnostics. Testing and inspection devices from HEIDENHAIN are practical options for displaying and evaluating this information, as well as for analyzing encoders.

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Angle Head Setup: We Can Help

Time and again, machining tasks come up that can’t be accomplished using a conventional machine configuration. This includes the machining of internal features, for example. In such cases, an angle head can help, but using one requires making a number of modifications to the machine, the control, and the NC program. The service technicians of the HEIDENHAIN Customer Service Department can provide assistance.

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Connecting an IO-Link Master

HEIDENHAIN controls provide numerous ways to link and control automation solutions. With the PROFINET-IO fieldbus interface, controls can use acyclic communication to address IO-Link sensors and actuators through an IO-Link master. This, however, requires that the control be adapted to the specific characteristics of the IO-Link master being used. The HEIDENHAIN Service Department can help.

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Service is Better than Do-It-Yourself

The StateMonitor software gives you an overview of the status of your machines and jobs at all times. We demonstrated this, for example, in the IndustryArena area at the METAV in Düsseldorf (see photo). To make sure that you can also keep the overview when installing StateMonitor, we are offering a commissioning service. This service is worthwhile, especially the more complicated your network is and the more customized your configuration is intended to be.

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Programming Station Software in Windows 10: How to Install the Current VirtualBox Version

Do you get the following error message when you start the programming station software on a PC: “Failed to open a session for the virtual machine”? No need to worry! Instead, simply take a look at the NC-Solutions in the Klartext Portal. We are aware of this error and have already found a solution.

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