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ND 500 Series




ND 522

ND 523


2 axes from A to Z

3 axes from A to Z and ZS

Encoder inputs

2 x TTL; D-sub female 9-pin

3 x TTL; D-sub female 9-pin

Input frequency

† 100 kHz

Signal period

2 µm, 4 µm, 10 µm, 20 µm, 40 µm, 100 µm, 10 240 µm, 12 800 µm

Line count




Display step 1)

Linear axis: 1 mm to 0.000 1 mm; 0.005 with LS 328/LS 628

Angular axis: 1° to 0.000 1° (00° 00‘ 01“)


Monochrome flat screen for position values, dialog and input displays, graphic functions and graphic positioning support

Status display

Operating mode, REF, reference-point number, tool number, inch, scale, feed-rate display, stopwatch

For milling/drilling/boring

Tool compensation R+, R–

For turning

Radius/diameter display

Separate or sum display for Z and ZO


  • 10 datums
  • 16 tools
  • REF reference mark evaluation for distance-coded and single reference marks
  • Distance-to-go display with nominal position input in absolute or incremental values
  • Contour monitoring
  • Scaling factor
  • mm/inch switching
  • HELP: On-screen operating instructions
  • INFO: Stopwatch, pocket calculator, cutting data calculator (for milling), taper calculator (for turning)

For milling/drilling/boring

  • Calculation of positions for hole patterns (circular patterns as well as linear patterns)
  • Tool radius compensation

For turning

  • Freezing the tool position for back-off

Error compensation

Axis error: Linear and multipoint over up to 200 points

Backlash compensation: For length measurement via ball screw and rotary encoder

Data interface

USB type B connector; 115 200 baud

  • For output of measured values and parameters
  • For input of parameters, remote control of keys and commands


Base, mounting arm

Power connection

100 V to 240 V AC (-15 % to +10 %), 48 Hz to 62 Hz; 54 W

Operating temperature

0 °C to 45 °C (storage temperature –20 °C to 70 °C)

Protection EN 60 529

IP 40, front panel IP 54


Approx. 2.6 kg

1) Depends on the signal period or line count of the connected encoder